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Photographer: Lindsay Rae | Designer: Vilma Mare
2018 RE-IMAGINED Promo Shoot | Photos:Lindsay Rae Main and Bottom Right | Top Right: Alphonse Mucha - Praha Parisi Cover for the 1900 World Fair

RE-IMAGINED Fashion Event

A Contemporary Look at

Alphonse Mucha

Saturday, March 10

The Hyde Collection | Glens Falls

Celebrate special exhibition 'Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau' with a fresh new look at the work of this important twentieth century master at The Hyde Collection with RE-IMAGINED. This event will feature strategically placed models as living mannequins, contextualized in rooms of the historic home, Hyde House. The scenes will create dioramas that pay homage to Alphonse Mucha's work.

“Alphonse Mucha’s influence can still be seen throughout our culture today,” said Jenny Hutchinson, educator at The Hyde Collection. “It’s evident in theatrical and movie posters, décor, modern graphic design, and, yes, fashion. RE-IMAGINED is a great way to examine Mucha’s impact and make connections between his distinct style and historic Hyde House.”

"We are working with full styling teams to create unique looks inspired by the artist and contextualizing them in the historic Hyde House, which is from a period that resonates well with his work." said Corey Aldrich, producer at 2440 Design Studio "The goal is to re-envision the house in a new way while creating an authentic fashion / art experience."

Looks will be overseen by 3 different stylists: Fashion designer and stylist Kim Vanyo of Khymanyo Studio, Tara Holmes of Taine Novati and Yvonne McEachron of Layered Design. Stylists Tara Holmes and Yvonne McEachron will be putting together 2 complete looks apiece while designer Kim Vanyo will release 4 looks from a new line of custom bridal wear based on each of their individual interpretations of Alphonse signature style.

Additionally, on view in the Rotunda Gallery there will be an exhibition, 'Exploring Mucha' presenting images and garments from the campaign photoshoot that will provide a behind-the-scenes look at this creative program.

“At The Hyde, we recognize the importance of collaboration among arts institutions and we are thrilled to be working with Electric City Couture and 2440 Design Studio,” said Hyde Interim Director Anne Saile. “RE-IMAGINED highlights the talent of regional artists and demonstrates how art created nearly a century ago has a lasting influence.”

A pre-event VIP reception will provide a first look at the 'Exploring Mucha' exhibition in the Rotunda Gallery and feature the Musicians of Ma'alwyck performing a selection from the group’s upcoming commissioned opera 'ALEDA - The Flight of the Suff Bird Women.' VIP guests will also get to witness the procession of models as they move into position in Hyde House for the evening’s event. Light fare will be included. A cash bar for beer and wine will also be available.

Alphonse Mucha: Master of Art Nouveau on view at The Hyde Collection January 13 – March 18, 2018


Stylist: Kim Vanyo / Khymanyo Studio
Hair: Jaqueline Nanci
Make Up: Genn Shaughnessy

Models: Ashley Tallman | Nora O'Hanlon | Destinii Harris | Molly Genevich Dash

Stylist: Yvonne McEachron of Layered Design
Hair: Julie Potter
Models: Breezy Walrath | Krystyn Knockwood

Stylist: Tara Holmes for Taine Novati
Hair & Make Up: Erin Marie

Models: Michaela 'Mikey' | Mindy Gilman


Creative Director: Corey Aldrich
Photography: Lindsay Rae Photography
Hair: Molly Tremante
Make Up: Doria Riker Tremante
Model: Beth Slade

Courtyard Image Dress: Vilma Mare | Veil / Scarf: Vintage
Bedroom Image Dress: Vintage
Library Image: Vilma Mare and found fabrics

Location: The Hyde Collection | Historic House

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