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Photo Credit: Patrick Dodson Photo Credit: Studio di Luce | Designer: Khymanyo Studio
Photo Credit: Studio di Luce | Designer Credit: Behida Dolic Millinery
Designer: MA+CH - Photo: Patrick Dodson | Gamakache Black - Photo: Lisa Miller | Frittelli and Lockwood - Photo: Niki Rossi | RIGHT Photos: Eddie Harris | Top: Vilma Mare | Bottom: frittelli & LOCKWOOD

2016 'SHATTERED : Repose' Schedule


2016 will see a major expansion to a full weekend of fashion runway activity! Currently looking for Models and Designers! Hit the pages and follow the instructions for submission!

This years event will consist of (2) full runway shows and support events. Each show will have a distinct theme that is part of an overall story that will play out over two days. The first will be Saturday Night, April 16th at 7:30. The theme will be 'SHATTERED' and will feature nation VJ V Owen Bush of Glowing Pictures who will be providing visual interludes between designers along with the a vibrant musical program curated by show Music Director, Nate da Great. The set will be focused on creating more of a hard edged look that will morph into a more organic set for the following day. The second show 'Repose' will be on Sunday Afternoon, April 17th at 3:00. It will be a matinee show and will feature an organic, hanging gardens of Babylon theme. Each show will provide an opportunity for retail sales at our POP UP! Shop. This year will also feature support events that are in Saratoga.

Main Events Location:

Universal Preservation Hall
25 Washington Avenue | Saratoga, NY 12866


6:00 PM: VIP Sneak Preview Cocktail event at the POP UP! Shop


7:30 PM: SHATTERED Evening Runway Show (5 Designers | TBA)
9:00 PM: POP UP! Shop / Buy It Off the Runway
9:30 PM: OFFICIAL ECC After Party with DJ Trumastr (Location and Additional Details TBA)


3:00 PM: Repose Matinee Runway Show (5 Designers | TBA)
4:30 PM: POP UP! Shop / Buy It Off the Runway

Additional events and programs will be announced as we get closer to the event dates.


The 2015 Spring Show was an amazing success! Find out all you wanted to know about this years

Makers Movement in America Show


Queen of Serpents

Exhibition Kicked Off 2015 Season

Myth Interfaces Routine : Fashion Designer Vilma Mare Explores Contemporary Meanings Through a Lens of Baltic Mythology

The 2015 Season will kicked off early with the opening of a fashion installation in Cohoes, New York at The Foundry for Art Design + Culture on November 1, 2014 by ECC Designer Vilma Mare. Mare will be exploring contemporary culture through an installation involving a symbolic ceremony that recreates a time of connection and cleansing. Egle, the 'Queen of Serpents' is a feminine image with hereditary connection to indigenous rites, worship of ancestral land and family values, and harmonious dialogue between Humankind and Nature. This story depicts an ancient ritual understood from a female perspective whereby Egle takes a central role as she becomes a mediator between "sacral" and "secular" spheres.

The exhibition was moved to the McDaris Fine Arts Gallery located at 623 Warren Street in Hudson, NY for the months of January and February. Upcoming variations on the exhibition to to be announced as available.

For more information on this exhibition please CLICK HERE.

2015 Season partners include Universal Preservation Hall and Proctors.


2016 Model Casting Call Here



2015 Promo Shoot :

A Makers Movement in America


The 2015 promo shoot followed last years direction with a combination of this years designers, shot in our amazing location, Universal Preservation Hall. It was an all star cast! For more on this shoot CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: James Pickett

2015 Show Theme :

The Makers Movement in America


The ‘Anti-Hero’ as a Symbol of the Makers Movement in America

A current trend is sweeping across the country wherein people are becoming awakened more than ever before. With this higher consciousness an awareness of our inner selves and our surroundings has increased. A new relationship with our environment has begun. Increasingly young, highly educated people are choosing professions and lifestyles that give them a meaningful connection between themselves and others and with that is an interest in the origins of the things they consume. A visual reference to this desired connection and awareness is envisioned for the 2015 Electric City Couture Show.

The 'Anti-Hero' in this context is the overlooked everyday men and women who work at jobs that keep our society moving and inspired. The people ‘making the donuts.’ Specifically for us, those who are engaged in the mechanics of the creative economy. This could include the previously overlooked professions that are now experiencing a renaissance in contemporary society that are artisan and craftsmanship in nature.


2015 Queen of Serpents Exhibition



Please keep in touch with us online to keep up to date on Electric City Couture Sanctioned and Sponsored events. Thanks again for supporting Upstate and Regional fashion! We look forward to seeing you again on the runway in the near future!

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for more partnership announcements, the years model call and our list of 2015 Designer Partners. 2015 is going to be our biggest year yet!

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The ECC Team!


Photo Credit: Patrick Dodson l | Designer Credit: Gamakache Black Photo Credit: Doug Mitchell | Designer Credit: Kristina Collins Clothing Photo Credit: Cindy Schultz | Designer Credit: e ko logic Photo Credit: Marc Roseburg | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo's Kimism Skirt Line Photo Credit: Doug Liebig for OEProPhoto | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo for Khymanyo Photo Credit: Marc Roseburg | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo's Kimism Skirt Line Photo Credit: Doug Liebig for OEProPhoto | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo for Khymanyo