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Photo Credit: Doug Mitchell Photo Credit: Sarah Pezdek | Designer: Claudia Crisan
Photo Credit: Sarah Pezdek | Designer Credit: Claudia Crisan
2016 'Repose' Show | Designer: Stacy Snider | Photos: Doug Mitchell | Side: 2016 SHATTERED : Repose Promo | Designer: Clauda Crisan | Photo: Sarah Pezdek

2016 'SHATTERED : Repose'


Thanks to all who helped make this an amazing succes! 2016 saw a major expansion to a full weekend of fashion runway activity for the spring show!

This years event consisted of (2) full runway shows and support events. Each show had a distinct theme that is part of an overall story that played out over two days. The first was Saturday Night, April 16th at 7:30. The theme, 'SHATTERED' featured national VJ V Owen Bush of Glowing Pictures who provided visual interludes between designers along with a vibrant musical program curated by show Music Director, Nate da Great and guest DJ Mizeyesis. The set had a hard edged look that morphed into an organic set for the following day. The second show 'Repose' was on Sunday Afternoon, April 17th at 3:00. It was a matinee show that featured a hanging gardens of Babylon theme. Each show provided an opportunity for retail sales at our signature POP UP! Shop.

Main Events Location:

Universal Preservation Hall
25 Washington Avenue | Saratoga, NY 12866


6:00 PM: VIP Sneak Preview Cocktail event at the POP UP! Shop



7:30 PM: SHATTERED Evening Runway Show


Claudia Crisan : Albany, NY
Khymanyo Studio
: Saratoga, NY
Marjolaine’s Touch : Chestertown, NY
Eenvoud : Brooklyn, NY
Gamakache Black : Brooklyn, NY

9:30 to 11:00 PM: POP UP! Shop / Buy It Off the Runway

9:30 PM: OFFICIAL ECC After Party with DJ Trumastr at The Diamond Club Grill

* Due to a family emergency Ane Amour : New York, NY will be unable to appear for the 2016 show. The ECC teams sends our love and support as she focuses her energy where it is needed most.



9:30 AM to 12:00 PM: POP UP! Shop / General Public Hours

3:00 PM
: Repose Matinee Runway Show


Vilma Mare’s Baltic Style : Copake, NY
Frittelli & Lockwood : Saratoga, NY
The Last Gentleman Co : Schenectady, NY
Marjolaine’s Touch : Chestertown, NY
Toshiki and Maryszka : Lake Grove, NY
Snider : New York, NY

4:30 to 6:00 PM: POP UP! Shop / Buy It Off the Runway

Additional events and programs will be announced as we get closer to the event dates.

This years HEADLINE SPONSORS include:

Ianniello Anderson

Keeler Motor Car | Julie and Co | Makers 46 | SAVI | Lacy Thaler Reilly Wilson


2016 Spring Show Theme

SHATTERED : Repose | Breaking through the Corporate Approach to a Global Paradigm

This theme explores the concept of breaking through the current paradigm of the unquestioned value of a total global economy. A new insight inspired by an earlier way of relating to our goods and services looks back to an older model of regional sustainability. Though one cannot go back in time to economic models that are past, it is in the understanding that we can pull the best practices from the past and from current times to allow for a new and beautiful hybrid that can organically grow and adjust to regional needs and market conditions. This allows for a unique expression of regional identity and promotes the support of ‘A Makers Movement in America.’

The Aesthetic Element : An Unfolding Drama that Develops over the Course of Two Days

SATURDAY NIGHT: The explosive technical show. This is the shattering phase. It will be represented by hard edged objects suspended in the physical space. These objects will become a reflective surface for projections. Video artist V. Owen Bush will image map the church space and suspended objects to project individual and unique visions accross the volume of the space in a way that supports the overall theme of this explosive opening scene.

SUNDAY MATINEE: From the shattered remants a of a past paradigm grows an organic movement that is represented in horticultural elements that have replaced the hard edged objects of the night before. This is envisioned to reference the concept of the Babylonian hanging gardens. (Generously supported with the expertise of interior plantscape consultant Karen McGowan). The previous shards have now become diamonds sparkling above the stylized garden scene that play well to the natural daylight in the space, bringing back an organic harmony between the old and new.


Promo Shoot | SHATTERED : Repose


The 2016 promo shoot year was a journey into the creative concept of the death and rebirth of the mindset and philosophy in the way in which we consume fashion. It was shot on location at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs, NY. For more on this shoot CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: Sarah Pezdek

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