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2017 Creating Beauty That Provides Protection - Vilma Mare | Photos:Sarah Pezdek | Photo Bottom Right: Jesse Matulis

2017 Season Update

2016 was an amazing year with 3 full production runway shows including the fall based 'Of Then and Beyond...' Steampunk Fashion Show. 2017 has started with a BANG! but also, with some big changes for the year.

ECC kicked off 2017 with its first NYC event, the 'Creating Beauty that Protects,' fabric art and fashion installation at the Lithuanian Consulate. The closing event was during NYFW and we were thrilled to be listed on the major event calendar. (see right column article)

With the expected remodel and major construction that will be happening at UPH we were left without a venue. Rather than scrambling to find a suitable location we have opted to consider a new format this year that will hopefully see between 2 and 3 shows in different locations in the region over the course of the year. Each show is envisioned to have between 2 to 4 designers and will include ECC's signature retail POP UP! Shop. Dates will  be announced as information is available. We are hoping to return to Universal Preservation Hall in 2019 in a new and improved space!

These changes have been a challenge for us as it has been 8 years running that we have had a spring show. But, with change comes opportunity and we are embracing it. We will be working hard to be more regular on our updates. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram where you can keep up to date for upcoming shows and events. Additionally, Casting Director Annie Delano will announce any upcoming casting calls or model calls for productions via the same method.

Corey Aldrich

Founder and Producer
Electric City Couture | 2440 Design Studio


NYFW 'Creating Beauty That Protects'


Sartorial Artist Explores the Aesthetics of Personal Politics and Heritage

A man sees a mythological tree and has a vision of respect for nature’s hierarchy and ethnographic harmony. He hears a song that connects him with his ancestors and with deity. He dwells in a peaceful myth of Želva, a place of fertility, vitality and rejuvenation. And so the journey begins, the starting point of the 'Creating Beauty That Protects' fashion exhibition that will be will be held at the Consulate General of Lithuania located at 420 5th Ave #304, New York, NY 10018 from January 4 to February 14, 2017. The exhibition will showcase the work of Lithuanian born fabric arts and fashion designer Vilma Mare.

The event is open to the public at no cost. Prior registration is required by e-mail at:
CLOSING EVENT: January 13 from 3:00 to 5:00 PM | RSVP REQUIRED. Email:

LOCATION: Consulate General of Lithuania | 420 5th Ave #304 | New York, NY 10018

EXHIBITION DATES: January 4 to February 14, 2017 | Weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. RSVP in advance to the consulate required.

For more details about this show CLICK HERE.

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