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Photo Credit: Lisa Miller Photo Credit: Lisa Miller | Designer: frittelli and LOCKWOOD
Photo Credit: Lisa Miller | Designer: frittelli and LOCKWOOD
Designers: frittelli and LOCKWOOD and the Last Gentleman Co | Photos: Lisa Miller for Studio di Luce

frittelli and LOCKWOOD

Cecilia and Richard Lockwood : Saratoga | New York

Cecilia Frittelli and Richard Lockwood have been textile designers for the last 25 years, married since 1984, full-time business partners since 1990 and parents of two children and two pets. We live in Greenfield Center, NY and work in our studio/gallery space located in the emerging Arts District at 143 Grand Ave, just west of Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

Our contemporary clothing and accessory collection is handwoven on both traditional and computerized looms. The American-spun yarns we weave include silk, merino, alpaca, and chenille, with a special emphasis on eco-friendly fibers from bamboo, hemp, and soy. We strive to be a zero-waste studio by upcycling our “scraps” into pieced and patchworked clothing. Our retro-inspired textiles are then steam-finished, cut and sewn into custom-tailored garments with exceptional fit and comfort.

Cecilia has been a weaver since childhood when her father helped her build a backstrap loom from popsicle sticks. Richard worked in New England textile mills as a teenager, never imagining a career in textiles. Later, intrigued by rebuilding Cecilia’s old looms, he began designing necktie fabric. In the summer of 2009, after a couple of years of renovation, they set up a studio and gallery in an 1850 building in the Saratoga Arts District. They welcome the public to see the looms in action, Wednesday through Saturday when their studio is open to the public from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.

For more information on frittelli & LOCKWOOD designs please call for an appointment or visit the website below.

Phone: 518.583.2129
Address: 143 Grand Ave | Saratoga Springs, New York 12866

Patsy’s Barbershop | Phone: 518.463.3602 | Patsy’s Pin Ups Beauty Parlour | Phone: 518.426.9292
3 Howard Street | Albany, NY 12207
Web: |
Lead: Trag
Team: Theresa Buffe | Joey Kinny | Dakota McGivern

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The Last Gentleman Co.

Christopher Mastroianni : Schenectady | New York | Custom Repurposed Shoes

Shoes: Last Gentleman Co | Photo: Eddie Harris

Forth generation cobbler, Christopher Mastroianni is in the resurrection business, if it can be saved, it will be saved. The (LGC) mission is to preserve the heritage of cobbling while incorporating modern techniques and fashion sense. Collaborating with The Greenwhich Vintage Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota (LGC) is the exclusive East Coast provider of their signature American-made colored soles. (LGC) will continue to create and repurpose custom goods and footwear and do it’s part as generations before them have. Fueled by American Pride, they are here to serve your footwear and leather goods need using only the highest quality American-made products. If you are here, Congratulations! You are well on your way to becoming one of The Last Gentlemen.

Shop: 1613 Union Street | Schenectady, New York
Phone: 518.372.7963 | Web:

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