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Photo Credit: Lea Sophie Foto Photo Credit: Eddie Harris | Designer: MA+CH
Photo Credit: Eddie Harris | Designer: frittelli & LOCKWOOD
2015 'Makers Movement in America' Promo Shoot | Photo: Lea Sophie Foto | RIGHT Photos: Eddie Harris | Top: Vilma Mare's Baltic Style | Bottom: frittelli & LOCKWOOD

Electric City Couture 2015 Season


The 2015 Season kicked off with the opening of a fashion installation in Cohoes, New York at 'The Foundry for Art Design + Culture' and in Hudson at the 'McDaris Fine Arts Gallery' by ECC Designer Vilma Mare (ECC 2013, 2015) called 'Queen of Serpents.' This was a build up to the 'A Makers Movement in America Show.'

This year's show was held in Saratoga on Saturday, April 25th at 8:00 PM. The “6th Annual Electric City Couture Fashion Show – A Makers Movement in America,” featured both established and up and coming regional fashion designers in a juried, pure runway experience. The evening showcased signature collections of five regional designers and will included roughly 55 male and female models on the runway. Targeted proceeds from this years show will go to the ongoing restoration work of Historic Universal Preservation Hall, a year-round arts and community events venue located at 25 Washington St. in Saratoga Springs. This years show was designed to highlight the strengths of the regional creative economy.

This years Special Guest, Schenectady, New York based designer MA+CH (f. Marika Charles) was featured in addition to a selection of past and new regional designers including: Troy, NY based
`e ko logic
; Copake, NY based Vilma Mare’s Baltic Style; Saratoga, NY based frittelli & LOCKWOOD who will be paired up with The Last Gentleman Co out of Schenectady, NY; and Gamakache Black based out of Queens, NY.

Additionally, the ability to 'buy it off the runway' in the retail sales area (POP UP! Shop) was available both after the show on Saturday, April 25 for show attendees and on Sunday, April 26 for the general public.

This year had a special musical commission from renowned pianist Chuck Lamb of the Brubeck Brothers Quartet that was scored specifically for the event and will include a live performance by Petia Kassarova, cellist with the Albany Symphony Orchestra and show DJ Nate da Great.

"The 2015 season is showing new developments in the way we represent and promote designers and elements of the regional fashion economy. By elevating fashion to the level of artform, we underscore its relevance as a wearable design aesthetic that enriches and also its place as a powerful tool that can encourage social dialogue."
Corey Aldrich
: Founder and Producer at Electric City Couture

A Makers Movement in America Show


WELCOME! : Introductory Comments

Karen Tararache : Time Warner Cable News
Teddy Foster
: President of the Board at Universal Preservation Hall
Corey Aldrich : Show Producer / Creative Director


INTRO: American Maker
SOUNDS: 'Building Steam with a Grain of Salt' | DJ Shadow

: (Saratoga, NY)
The Last Gentleman Co : (Schenectady, NY) Custom Shoes

Patsy’s Barbershop | Web: |
Lead: Trag : Team: Theresa Buffe | Joey Kinny | Dakota McGivern

Jessi Alcala | Gaston Bonenfant | Aaron Everitt | Kathleen Faulkner | Pharroh Gordon | Jamaal Greenwood | Anthony Haywood | Zach Horst | Danielle Jachlewski | Morgan Striggles

`e ko logic : (Troy, NY)

SOUNDS: 'There’s A Riot Going On' | Monophonics


Shapes & Colours Salon and Spa | Web:
Salon Lead: Kelly Polaski
Team: Carly Cyr, Lyndsey Grimes | Justin Kane | Shannon Marchi | Lilly Miller | Kristie Panetta Amanda Marie Rubino | Jen Schwartz | Allison Szesnat | Kim DeValvo

Meghan Patrice Riley | Handmade Fine Jewelry | Web:

Ryan Coots | Allegra Fasulo | Erin Ford | John Gill | Shadaya McCleod | Monica McNeice | Jasmine Partraw | Jessie Pellerin Deborah Rouse | James Stone | ALT Nevada Claire

Special Feature:
IYA: Honoring the Goddess of Cloth

Vilma Mare’s Baltic Style : (Copake, NY)

SOUNDS: A Mix of 'Grizzly Man' and 'Blood Flight' | Jenny Hval

The Electric City Couture Hair and Make Up Team
Lead Stylist | Hair and Make Up Director: Claire Harris
Hair Lead: Julie Potter | Make Up Lead: Doria Tremante
Guest Hair and Make Up: Kyle Garcia

Sabrina Floccuzio | Sara Johnson | Jeremy Lawlor | Lauren MacKay Emily Schuartz | Patrizia Spears | Cassie Storm | Hannah Swick Johanna Torkelson | Kevin Wood

Gamakache Black : (Queens, NY)
SOUNDS: 'Won’t Look Back' (Jax Jones Remix) | Duke Dumont

Shapes & Colours Salon and Spa | Web:
Salon Lead: Kelly Polaski
Team: Carly Cyr | Lyndsey Grimes | Justin Kane | Shannon Marchi | Lilly Miller | Kristie Panetta | Amanda Marie Rubino | Jen Schwartz | Allison Szesnat | Kim DeValvo

Breelle Granville | Quana Franks | Roxanne Gibbs | Mindy Gilman | Destini Harris | Jessica Lahr | Jordan Lounello | Colleen Stengel | Venus Vasquez

Special Feature:

Guest Cellist: Petia Kassarova of the Albany Symphony Orchestra
‘Gazebo’ Written and Arranged by Pianist Chuck Lamb

MA+CH (f. Marika Charles) : (Schenectady, NY)
Sounds: 'Gazebo' | Written by: Chuck Lamb | Performed by show Music Director Nate daGreat with accompaniment by Petia Kassarova

Changes Salon | Web:
Salon Lead: Cassondra Schauble
Team: Francesca DiGrigorio | Sarene Gillick | Tina Hanselman | Kayla Neenan

Brittany Drahos | Lisette Flores | Marissa MacKay | Brittany Phillips | Karla Reilly | Anna Riccardi | Stephanie Scalzo | Michelle Stone | Reanae Townsend | Liz Wolf

FINAL WALK : Closing Comments



The Gazette (Schenectady, NY)
MA+CH by Bethany Bump

6th Annual Electric City Couture Fashion Show by Patrick Dodson

The Saratogian : (Saratoga, NY)
Electric City Couture to Light Up Universal Preservation Hall by Lauren Mineau

Saratoga Today : (Saratoga, NY)
Berkshire Homestyle Magazine
Saratoga Living Magazine

WMHT: AHA! (A Home for the Arts)

Special Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Headline Sponsors:

Bonacio Construction | Keeler Mercedes | Knob Creek
Lifestyles of Saratoga | Saratoga Pool and Tub

2015 Season partners include Universal Preservation Hall and Proctors. Electric City Couture is a 2440 Design Studio Production.

Fashion Directors

Lacey Thaler | Cudney's Cleaners | DiCresce Associates | M + T Bank

Fashion Producers

Circular Manor | Best Cleaners | Fine Affairs

Fashion Lovers

Fingerpaint | Hoffman Carwash | Reinhart Champlain Wealth Management | Agile Payments | Saratoga Smiles
ExploreSaratoga | The Adirondack Trust (Alex Dunshee) | Pavilion Grand | Gwen Ivins | Geico/Wilcar Insurance Agency | Sanctuary Spa at Jeffrey Ridha | Niki Rossi Photography

Model Sponsorship and Education

AMS Models and Talent : Thanks so much to Ann Marie Stonecypher and the team for your assistance and consultation, the runway was better for it!

Boutique Support

Spoken Boutique | Frivolous | Hatsational | Violets | Saratoga Closet | Something Bleu Bridal | Silverwood
Evoke Style | Saratoga Elegance


Special Thanks to Key Volunteers: Tara Holmes for Taine Novati | Grace Insognia

Special Thanks to Our Show Photographers: Sarah Pezdek | Richard Lovrich | Cindy Schultz | Doug Mitchell | JT Higgins


2015 Show Theme :

A Makers Movement in America


The ‘Anti-Hero’ as a Symbol of the Makers Movement in America

A current trend is sweeping across the country wherein people are becoming awakened more than ever before. With this higher consciousness an awareness of our inner selves and our surroundings has increased. A new relationship with our environment has begun. Increasingly young, highly educated people are choosing professions and lifestyles that give them a meaningful connection between themselves and others and with that is an interest in the origins of the things they consume. A visual reference to this desired connection and awareness is envisioned for the 2015 Electric City Couture Show.

The 'Anti-Hero' in this context is the overlooked everyday men and women who work at jobs that keep our society moving and inspired. The people ‘making the donuts.’ Specifically for us, those who are engaged in the mechanics of the creative economy. This could include the previously overlooked professions that are now experiencing a renaissance in contemporary society that are artisan and craftsmanship in nature.

2015 'A Makers Movement in America' Shoot


The 2015 promo shoot followed last years direction with a combination of this years designers, shot in our amazing location, Universal Preservation Hall. It was an all star cast! For more on this shoot CLICK HERE.

Photo Credit: James Pickett


Photo Credit: Patrick Dodson l | Designer Credit: Gamakache Black Photo Credit: Doug Mitchell | Designer Credit: Kristina Collins Clothing Photo Credit: Cindy Schultz | Designer Credit: e ko logic Photo Credit: Marc Roseburg | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo's Kimism Skirt Line Photo Credit: Doug Liebig for OEProPhoto | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo for Khymanyo Photo Credit: Marc Roseburg | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo's Kimism Skirt Line Photo Credit: Doug Liebig for OEProPhoto | Designer Credit: Kim Vanyo for Khymanyo